Welcome to the ESAS research project website!

Thank you for your interest in this study on student’s alcohol consumption. We would like to ask you to fill in a very short questionnaire (about 1 minute) for checking that you are matching with our target audience.

Merci pour votre intérêt!

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to participate in the study. The number of participants has been reached.

If you are selected to participate, we will ask you for some information (e-mail address, etc.) before sending you the first questionnaire (about 5 - 10 minutes). Study participants will receive gift cards after completing the study questionnaires.

If you have any questions, please contact us at +4179.556.95.75 or elodie.schmutz@chuv.ch

All data will be anonymized and treated confidentially. The ESAS research project has been approved by the ethics commission of “canton de Vaud” and its funding comes from the Swiss National Science Foundation. This study is conducted by the CHUV and is supported by the EHL, EPFL, HESAV, UNIL. The objective of the research is to better understand, develop and test tools to prevent unhealthy alcohol consumption among students (18 years old or over). Participating in the project involves filling in 4 online questionnaires over a 12-month period (5-10 minutes per questionnaire) for which financial compensation is provided (digital gift cards that can be accumulated for a total of CHF 50).